You have questions, we’ve got answers.

What is the Insight LifePath?

The Insight LifePath™ from Insight Financial Group is a unique approach to providing financial services that is designed to assist you in making better financial decisions while spending more time on what is most important to you, and less time worrying about finances. Its comprehensive design coordinates six cornerstones of financial planning and services through one trusted advisor relationship.

The Insight LifePath is a fiduciary (fancy word that means that our business model is set up to avoid conflict of interest) and independent (our definition of fiduciary is tighter than others) approach to planning.

How are we different?

  • We limit the number of our clients;
  • We work with a team of specialists;
  • We have a unique process of service, advising, and implementing;
  • We charge a fixed, transparent fee, based upon the services and value of our work – renewed annually;
  • We guarantee our fee.

What do you do for me?

We do five things most successful families are not currently getting:

  1. We coordinate a team of experts for your benefit;
  2. We consolidate all your financial affairs to maximize your results;
  3. We are comprehensive in covering the six cornerstones of financial planning that impact your life;
  4. We simplify your world through our process, meetings, and reports. Our goal is to create the most freedom for you to spend on the things that matter most to you.
  5. We bring accountability, treating your family as if it is our own, to follow through on the actions necessary to live your ideal life.

What do you receive with the Insight LifePath?

  • Unlimited access to our insight. Pick up the phone and ask us any financial question;
  • A fixed transparent fee. No guessing or wondering, with no hidden fees on products we recommend;
  • Our satisfaction guarantee for everything we do. Have you ever met anyone in the financial industry who offers a money-back guarantee?

How do you charge?

We charge a fixed price for our services. We guarantee our services to your complete satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied at any time, we will refund any portion of the price you feel is unearned. Who does that in the financial industry?

The price is billed quarterly and adjusted annually, based upon the services and value of those services.

Do you charge differently than other financial planners?

Yes, because the most common forms of compensation in the financial industry have a variety of conflicts of industry that don’t serve clients. Why deal with:

  1. Hourly that often creates a reluctance for people to seek advice in a proactive way, and often lacks ongoing consistent attention
  2. A percentage of assets that can create several conflicts of interest. First, is the relationship only about investments? (No other areas of planning, and is investment gain the only possible positive result?) If it is all about the asset level, will the investment person take more risk to get paid more? If assets determine their pay, will you ever be advised to enjoy your money, pay down debt, or give it away? Lastly, if the pay/service level is tied to your assets, will advisor availability and support go down when your assets go down, leaving you at the worst time without the advice you need?
  3. Probably the bane of our industry, undisclosed commissions. You have the lack of transparency. You have the potential risk of being sold something because it pays more. Lastly, does this relationship solely focus on selling products and not on planning, services, or results?

There is a better way – a fixed, transparent fee for agreed upon services, updated annually (we hold ourselves accountable), and guaranteed!




Action Steps:

  • Take the first step. It’s a date, not marriage. Let’s see if we share values before you spend a nickel;
  • Download our Insight LifePath Brochure and share it with your spouse;
  • Get the picture. How much time and confidence do you have in your current path;
  • Get the details on how to get started in your own Insight LifePath.