Knowing the steps makes the journey more enjoyable.

No surprises is the goal, so we lay out the whole nine yards of what we do in three steps.

Step 1

Don’t gather all your numbers, but call or use our form to connect with Phil (those two buttons are at the upper right of each page). We will send you Value-Based Financial Planning by Bill Bachrach and schedule a 20-minute phone call. During this call, Phil will discuss the highlights of the book – yep, you don’t even have to read. Phil has found no better way to help people determine what is the best action to take on how to manage their financial lives.

Step 2

Take action. No pressure. No sales. If you want to move forward, we’ll walk you through the LifePath Design Process. It costs $1,650, but it includes our satisfaction guarantee. (If you are not fully satisfied at any time, we will refund any portion of the price you feel is unearned).

Step 3

Once the LifePath Design Process is done, we will provide you with a fixed transparent fee that you pay quarterly – and we get started on your unique Insight LifePath. We prioritize and start addressing your unique issues through the six cornerstones of financial planning so that you obtain more clarity and freedom.

Each year we review your satisfaction and renew our agreement. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The result is that we get your whole financial world in order, and keep it that way forever.

Action steps: