So, I see you are a muller.

Boy, are you in luck. We get you – you’re unsure, you have questions, and this is a big decision. We built this site to give you enough information for you to decide. In fact, we are pretty averse to selling; we aim to arm people with enough information to make the choice that is right for them. It is sort of our “je ne sais quoi,” if French words make you feel smart, and we hope you will experience it as you explore this site. (If you don’t speak French, we’ll save you a look-up: a pleasant quality that is hard to describe, though here we aim to express it well for you).

So take your time, and find out more about us below:







One thing you won’t get with Insight LifePath

No pressure here to become a client. In fact, the first step is to see if we share the same values. I send you a book (with the highlights, so you can just skim to start) and we talk on the phone. It is that simple.

Action points